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  • Mums
    We all know mums are the staple fall plant in New England. From gigantic displays to small hanging baskets, we see mums in a rainbow of […]
  • How To Dry Hydrangeas
    Hydrangeas are a favorite in this neck of the woods. They give the garden such wonderful color each summer, with blossoms of pinks, blues, whites, lavenders […]
  • For the Love of Bees
    Honeybees are responsible for pollinating many of the flowers that make the food that we love, enjoy, and need to eat to live. There is a […]
  • The Many Types Of Blueberries
    There are many varieties of blueberries. Some are sweet, some are tart, some are great for gobbling right off of the bush and others are best […]
  • Tips for planting tomato plants
    1.     Look at the stem, do you see any little nubs close to the base of the plant? If you do, those are the first signs of […]
  • Deer Resistant Plants
    Are you tired of providing and all-you-can-eat buffet for the local deer population? We have you have what you need. Shop our deer resistant perennials, trees and […]
  • Replanting Your Easter Plants
    Easter is over but the life of your Easter Plants doesn’t have to be. The lovely tulips, daffodils and other plants that have been previously forced […]
  • Houseplants That Can Leave The House
    Houseplants don’t always have to stay in the house. Many houseplants can be moved outdoors during the warm weather days. Here are a few we love […]
  • What NOT to do in your landscape!
    We know figuring out how to landscape your grounds can be overwhelming at times. Instead of trying to tell you ALL of the things that you […]
  • How To Make The Most Of Your Landscape Design Consultation
    Need some help with your landscape design? Stop in during our open hours (9am-6pm) and talk with one of experts. You can always speak with available […]
  • Trendy Plants Of 2019
    We have complied a list of the trendiest houseplants you will see in 2019! From purple foliage to plants that are as tough as “cast iron”, […]
  • Growing an Indoor Herb Garden
    If you love cooking with herbs and want to bring a taste of spring into your home before the weather outside is cooperating, starting an indoor […]
  • Three Seasons Of Bloom
    When thinking about what to plant for perennials this year, you may want to consider what will bloom in the months to come. Here are a […]
  • Growing Your Own Fruit
    There are a few things to consider if you want to grow your own fruit in our local area. Although we can grow a good many […]
  • Watering Is Key
    The single most important factor in the success of your flowers or new landscape is watering. New tree and shrub establishment takes up to two full […]
  • Is It Harvest Time?
    Knowing when to pick your veggies and fruit is key to the success of your harvest. Tomatoes and berries are easier, you can visibly see the […]
  • Picking The Right Hydrangea
    There are so many questions people have regarding Hydrangea. It’s understandable, there are multiple varieties and each has different uses and ideal conditions. White Hydrangeas are […]