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Burnett’s Grown Vegetables

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Burnett’s Grown Vegetables

Something new!!! Burnett’s Grown…vegetables?  That is right, you heard correctly.  We have started growing something new for you: greenhouse grown fresh vegetables for late fall and winter.  

This time last year we realized we have a lot of grow space that sits empty for most of the year and we decided to change that.  Colleagues of ours in CO, with a similar climate and with a similar facility set-up, began a winter produce program many years ago to help meet the demand for locally grown produce during local farms off season.  Their program has worked well and we saw an opportunity for our business to fill a customer need and to help keep our team working year round.  So, here we are, one year later with a whole lot of veggies coming into harvest and many more on their way.

This year has been such an adventure in many ways and there were times that we were unsure if we could make our veggie plans come to fruition, but we took that chance and suddenly we find ourselves with the first of our harvest ready to come to your kitchen.  This week we are harvesting green beans, kale, carrots and kohlrabi…fresh cherry tomatoes will be here soon!  

Come by and see the goodies in our tropical house where we are creating a fresh market area.

Please follow along on our veggie adventure, spread the word and stop by for some fresh eats!  We will share pictures and more info as our harvest continues.

Meghan Burnett