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Preparing For You Garden Center Visit

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March 29, 2023

Preparing For You Garden Center Visit

Garden time is here!

Have you been daydreaming about what you want to grow in the garden this year or about changes you want to make to your landscape? The best place to find everything you need to make those dreams a reality is right here at Burnett's Country Gardens: high quality and locally sourced plants partnered with knowledgeable staff can help get you started on the road to success.

Before visiting the garden center take a little time to think about the following, it will help the staff give you the best guidance.

What time of year do you use this space?
Sometimes you might be looking to spend time in a space in a defined time of year, such as by the pool in summer. Therefore you might want a lot of fun summer bloomers or be looking to incorporate some shade trees. Maybe you have a walkway you will use all year, in that case it needs to look its best at all times, so some evergreens might be best.

How cold does it get in your area?
For a small state, Connecticut has a lot of variability in hardiness. If you live by the shore you have different choices than if you live in the hills. How windy your space gets can also factor in what you might choose.

How much sun does your space get?
This is a very important element in determining what types of plants will be successful in your space. The easiest way to answer this question is to observe for a full day how many hours of direct sunlight your space gets and whether that sun comes in the morning, midday or late afternoon

What is in your space right now?
Is your space a blank slate and ready for planting or are there older shrubs, sod or weeds that need to be addressed first? Examining this will make a world of difference in how you plan your garden tasks and planting timeline.

What is the soil like and has it been tested?
Getting a test is helpful but not a must. You should examine the soil to observe if it is sandy, wet, barky, stoney or has other characteristics. You can get your soil tested, or get information on how to obtain a test, at your local garden center.

What are the dimensions of your space?
If you are able to draw a simple sketch of the space with some rough measurements it will help ensure you have enough material to fill, but not take over, your space. Other things to consider are if there are any windows, trees, close walkways etc.

Is water readily available?
Some plants just need regular water for an initial adjustment period, but for others you will regularly need access to water and may even want to consider an irrigation system.

Do you have any types of plants or colors in mind?
This is where the fun really begins! The possibilities are endless. You might prefer to have some annuals in your space so every spring you can feed your “gardening bug” and get your hands in the dirt, this also allows for new creations every year. Some people prefer to establish some shrub or perennial beds that are more “set it and forget it” (well, outside of watering and weeding!). Maybe you just adore yellow and want to incorporate as much of it as you can, or think red clashes with your house so want to avoid that. You might want to consider what types of pollinators or critters you want to invite (or not invite) into your space.

Now that you have some direction, get out into your space, get back to daydreaming about that amazing yard and then head over to Burnetts to make those dreams come true!