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Tips for planting tomato plants

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Tips for planting tomato plants

1.     Look at the stem, do you see any little nubs close to the base of the plant? If you do, those are the first signs of roots. You will want to plant that part of the stem under the soil so those roots can grow.

2.     Remove all foliage from the area that will be under the soil.

3.     Dig a hole in the ground or in the container you will be using so it is deep enough to fit the plant and stem that you will be covering.

4.     Work the root bulb with your hands to break it up slightly.

5.     Place the root bulb and stem into hole and cover with soil.

6.     Place your stake or plant cage in place. Doing this at this stage will eliminate breaking the branches if you try to add it later on after the plant has grown.

7.     Water.