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Trendy Plants Of 2019

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March 6, 2019
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We have complied a list of the trendiest houseplants you will see in 2019! From purple foliage to plants that are as tough as "cast iron", there is something for everyone.
Trendy Plants Of 2019

Asparagus Fern

This vivid green plant looks great growing from a suspended pot. Their feathery foliage is adds a wonderful look to any room. They grow abundantly making for a full look, give them an adequate pot and place them where they will have plenty of space to flourish while adding a vivid and voluminous effect to the area.
Trendy Plants Of 2019


You may recognize it’s leaves as they are often in art prints, upholstery, stationary and more. The Monstera plant is native to the Central American rainforest and brings that tropical vibe into each room it inhabits. It likes a warm climate, lots of indirect bright light and loads of water. It can grow quite tall (up to 30 feet) so pruning is key.
Trendy Plants Of 2019

Snake Plant

The snake plant adds a great accent for any room and it's easy to care for. They are hardy plants that can tolerate different light environments, their preference being indirect light. Be sure not to overhydrate, they don't need much water.
Trendy Plants Of 2019

Chinese Evergreen

If you are a busy bee and don’t have a lot of time to tend to your houseplants , the Chinese Evergreen is for you. This durable plant is particularity easy to grow; tolerating just about any indoor condition. It’s rich green leaves patterned with silver, make it a beauty as well. It also has cute, calla-lily-like blooms in spots where it gets enough light.
Trendy Plants Of 2019

Cast Iron Plant

The cast iron plant is appropriately named – it’s one of the toughest and most durable houseplants around. Low light, poor soil conditions, and little water; this plant can withstand it all. It’s rich green foliage adds wonderful color to any area.
Trendy Plants Of 2019

Gynura (Purple Passion Plant)

This unique houseplant stands out from the others because its green leaves are covered in soft purple hair, giving it a purple sheen. As the plant matures it becomes more spreading and vine-like, making it great in hanging baskets, as well as trained up small trellises.