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What NOT to do in your landscape!

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April 5, 2019
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What NOT to do in your landscape!

We know figuring out how to landscape your grounds can be overwhelming at times. Instead of trying to tell you ALL of the things that you should do, we have a few tips about what NOT to do in your landscape!

Here they are:

The dreaded mulch volcano!  When it comes to mulching around trees that is one very poor approach that seems to pop up time and time again, and that is mounding piles of mulch right up the lower portion of the newly planted tree.  This practice can invite pests to the tree, and increase susceptibility to rot and disease. Mulch around the bottom of the tree should be no deeper than 3 inches. Mulch can then piled no more than 6 inches deep out to the drip line of the tree’s canopy.

Not considering MATURE size of trees/shrubs and placing them too close to the house.  It is important to remember that when selecting plants from the nursery you may be looking at rather young plants who still have a lot of growing to do.  Take heed of the information on each plants tag and ask nursery staff for guidance to avoid having a crammed yard space full of unhappy plants

Don’t try to make plants or trees try to fit into the wrong type of location.  Sometimes it is easy to be allured by plants/trees that are not suited to the habitat of your space.  Consider things such as sun/shade, wet/dry, presence of deer etc. Don’t be fooled by that beautiful blossom you would like to see each spring, if the plant is not suited for your space it will create a cranky relationship between an unhappy plant and an underwhelmed home owner!

Don’t plant polka dots!  Plants in the landscape look best when they are planted in multiples.  Swathes of one type of plant are much more “wowing’ than a onesie here and a onesie there.  Also, remember odd numbers of plants are easier on the eye so pick you favorite shrub and buy it 2 neighbors!