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5 Fun Facts About House Plants

House plants are the friend you didn’t know you needed during the quarantine. They are an easy way to bring life to any space, with various sizes, shapes, and colors they are far from boring! 

Being stuck at home, telecommunicating, and socially distancing it is easy to forget what fresh air feels like. Luckily, houseplants are there to bring us back to earth.

  1. They purify the air! Plants take care of you too! Your watering and cleaning pay off because your house plants are removing toxins all around you making the air more purified.
  2. Decrease your stress levels. A new plant addition in your at-home office can make telecommuting less stressful. House plants are proven to relieve stress and improve mental wellbeing and as a result, increasing productivity.
  3. Plants love music. Growing your plants can be a quiet and peaceful experience but they also want to listen to your playlists. House plants love music and it encourages growth, so turn up your playlist!
  4. Reduce noise pollution. Maybe your new in-home office does not keep out as much noise as you thought. Houseplants, such as peace lilies, have been found to absorb sound!  Surround your workspace with plants to create a quiet sanctuary
  5. Boost your immune system! Plants are known to be calming, leaving you more relaxed and improving your sleep. Houseplants can help you stay happy and healthy!