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The Many Types Of Blueberries

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May 30, 2019
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The Many Types Of Blueberries

There are many varieties of blueberries. Some are sweet, some are tart, some are great for gobbling right off of the bush and others are best when used in baking. Here are few varieties we carry. Read the descriptions to help you decide which is best for your berry delights.

Bluegold Blueberry: This variety is compact, coming in at 3-5 feet in height. It has sky blue berries that ripen all at once in late June. This is a great choice for those who ant tons of berries to freeze or can.

Sweetheart Blueberry: This type grows 4-6 feet tall with beautiful white blooms. It produces medium to large plump berries. This is an early season berry, ripening in late may to early June.

Northblue Blueberry: This one is low growing. It will produce delicious, dime-size dark berries. It ripens in July and is a cold-hardy variety.

Bonus Blueberry: This variety grows to be 4-5 feet high. It has large berries the size of grapes. It will produce fruit in early August. It is self-pollinating and has high frost resistance.

Northsky Dwarf Blueberry: As the name indicates this is a smaller plant, growing to be only 1.5-2 feet wide. This is the most cold hardy of all the blueberries. It produces small berries with “wild” blueberry flavor in July.