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Success Guide to Annuals

September 30, 2019
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July 10, 2020

Annuals are unlike any other! While perennials, trees, and shrubs have a specific bloom time annuals put on a show all summer long. 


Keeping your annuals blooming and happy is easy with the right care. They are hungry! Annuals need fertilizer to continue blooming. We recommend Jack’s bloom booster, a powder that you mix with water for bedding annuals. Or jobes sticks, an extended fertilizer stick that is inserted into the soil of hanging baskets. The jobe sticks release the perfect amount of fertilizer each time it is watered! 

Much like us, they can be stressed by the extreme summer heat. If your hanging baskets are looking shabby after a heatwave we recommend cutting them back by at least a 1/3rd. This will stimulate new growth and will help them come back from their stressful event. 


Watering in general is very important. Our team waters everything in the greenhouse every sunny day and sometimes twice in the heat of the summer! We recommend that you water your annuals once in the morning and again as needed. But if mother nature has already watered your plants then you can skip watering for the day!

Many annuals also make great houseplants and can move into the house as the weather gets colder in the fall. Examples of those would be begonia, coleus, ivy geraniums. Also, some annuals can survive our winter and surprise you in the spring. Lamium, Lysimachia, vinca & pansies can survive the winter!

Products at Burnetts for your annuals!

Check out our hoses, watering cans, hand clippers, fertilizer to use for your annuals. If you need help finding what is the right tool for you check with one of our knowledgable staff!